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Touching Moments

Art from the Heart

Playlist (all works)

Individual Works
Tea Pot
Addy Edder
Alan Cunningham
Mason-Dixon Line
Anne Sweet
Barbara Oswald
Arpillera – All My Friends 
Deborah Waller
In the Round
Elinor Maroney
My Spirit Departs
Fresia Valdevia 
Tea Pot
Kalie Bui
Arpillera – Shelter from the storm
Kathleen Mcnutt
Linda Lasich
Impossible Knotty Necklace
Louise Roby
Four Cubes
Lucy Van Zanden
Arpillera – Unconditional Love
Maureen McManus
Marnye Woodrum
Arpillera – Black Lives Matter
Mary Ellen Haley
Killer Whale
Preston Singletary
Pieter Van Zanden
Roseanne Edson
Arpillera – Choose Kindness
Shaughn Gorman
Love in the Secret Drawer
Sue Springer
Brucite Bowl
Thomas Haddy
Take Joy
Therese Stein